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CAD Standards Manager makes it easier for each member of the team to do their job. Here are a list of resources to get you up to speed.

  • Database Driven

    It’s not practical to store your standards in drawings and templates. The overhead, or weight, of this information in your drawings will have them behaving slowly or even crashing before you have drawn your first line. Standards Manager maintains all of your layers, symbology, labeling, and styles in a database, outside of cad, waiting to be imported as needed. This streamlines your drawings to their minimum size. You can feel free to purge your drawings of unused information and know that you can retrieve whatever you need when you’re ready.

  • Multiple Standards

    Each standard you maintain will be stored in a separate database. You may have one standard for your local jurisdiction and another standard for a statewide jurisdiction. You can copy one standard over to another, perhaps for a specific project, and then modify the project specific standard from then on. Don’t have a standard? Begin with the National CAD Standard (NCS) and modify that as needed.

  • Administrator's Interface

    Get your standards out of the binder and into Autocad, at your fingertips. Make it easier for users to do things the right way rather than their own way. Standards Manager brings all of your layering, symbology, and labeling standards to the forefront through a single pull-down menu, toolbar, or palette.

  • Enterprise Deployment

    Each drawing looks to a particular standard database. Databases can be stored on the LAN or WAN. Updates to the database are instantly accessible within the drawings. No notifications are required. Users check compliance before plotting and all drawing objects are automatically updated with any changes to the standard.

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